Kick-off and Introduction to Decision-Making

The aim of studying cases is to develop participantsʼ ability to make sound strategic decisions in real-life situations. Pioneered by Harvard, the Case Learning Method is not only the most relevant and practical way to learn how to become a better manager; it is also highly engaging and exciting for participants.

This first module familiarizes you with how to best learn from cases and approach them in a well-structured way. You will be introduced to a best-practice case roadmap and gain hands-on experience in applying this roadmap to actual MBA-level cases.

Major Learning Objectives

This course is designed to

  • Remove the confusion about case learning by outlining how the case method works and how the participants should go about solving a case.
  • Improve their knowledge and skills in how best to study, analyze, and discuss cases.
  • Highlight the step by step methodology/road-map and corresponding tools in how to best work thru and solve a case.
  • Provide a few insights about the nature of cases as well as what students must do in order to get the most out of case studies.

Faculty: Professor Nils Randrup